Headset purchase guide!

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Headphones are essential props for many game lovers. There are many kinds of headphones, including headphones, in ear headphones, wired headphones, wireless headphones and so on. Each has its own advantages. What should we pay attention to when choosing headphones? Let's have a look.

1. Wired and wireless

Although the current wireless technology is very mature, and there are few delays and jams, it is better to play games with wired headphones. The advantage of wired headphones is stability and fidelity.

2. Game type

If you often play design games, it is recommended that you choose headphones with better noise reduction effect, 2.0 dual channel headphones or headphones improved to 7.1 channel headphones, which have a good experience. But if you play games like MoBa, just choose a comfortable headset.

3. Sound channel

The sound channel of common headphones is 2.0. Now most E-sports headphones on the market have achieved 7.1 channels.

4. Frequency response range

The range of sound that people can hear is limited. Neither ultra-low frequency nor ultra-high frequency can be heard. 20Hz-20KHz is the range of sound that people can hear. Within this range, the higher the upper limit of the headset is, the lower the lower the lower limit is, which proves that the sound coverage of this headset is wider.

5. Earphone sensitivity

The higher the sensitivity of the headset is, the more details of the restored sound will be, basically more than 100dB, which can overlap the sound of cars, footsteps, airplanes, ambient sound and so on.