What should I pay attention to when buying wireless headphones?

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Headphones are expensive. This is because they are equipped with larger batteries, better sound engineering and better active noise reduction than in ear alternatives. The price of headphones varies greatly. You can expect to pay thousands of yuan for a good pair of wireless headphones. But don't panic, because headphones with a few thousand yuan are already top-notch. You can also buy a very good pair of headphones for about 500 yuan.

Is the audio codec important?

It is important to consider which audio codecs the headset supports. Almost all headphones are compatible with universal AAC codecs, but they do not always support more advanced codecs. If you are looking for high-resolution audio streaming, you should consider buying a pair of headphones that support high-resolution codecs. If you like listening to low resolution music, advanced codec support may not be the most important factor for you.

How important is the design of headphones?

The design of wireless headphones is very important. Headphones are designed for long-term wear and need to be comfortable to wear. Considering the clamping force of headphones is particularly important. If you find that the headset is tight and easy to press on your head, this may cause problems. It is also important to consider what material headphones are made of. If you prefer to use headphones strictly, you will want a pair of headphones made of stronger materials. Sometimes there may be a trade-off between ruggedness and comfort, so you need to decide which is more important to you and choose your headphones accordingly.

Does it matter what device I connect headphones to?

There are many reasons for considering what device you use to stream music. First of all, the audio codec needs both headphones and devices to support them in order to work. If your phone supports a high-resolution codec, but your headset does not (and vice versa), you will not be able to stream music using the codec.

Is noise reduction important?

Although most of the best wireless headphones have very good active noise reduction, this is still something you should consider. If you find that you often turn off and on the noise cancellation function, it is important to consider how many different levels of ANC your headset provides.

Do I need a big battery for my headphones?

In most cases, headphones last longer than earphones because they have a larger battery.

Nowadays, the battery life of good wireless headphones is not much different. Most of them can provide an average battery life of 20 hours on a single charge (enough). However, some headphones do support wired connection and wireless Bluetooth. If you travel a lot and don't always know where to go, you will be able to charge the headset, so this is an important feature to consider.