The difference between ear wrapped headphones and ear pressed headphones

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Ear wrapping is to wrap your ears in. Usually, the sponge is oval and the earmuff is large, which can wrap the whole ear inside, and the ear pad is pressed on the skin outside the ear.

Ear pressing type, ear muffs are pressed on the ears, and the sponge is usually round. If the ear pad is too hard or the head beam is clamped too tightly, it will be uncomfortable to wear it for a long time.

In terms of volume comparison, the earphones with close fitting style are smaller, and the earphones with ear covering style are larger than those with close fitting style.

In wearing, the ear muffs of the ear close earphones are flat. Just let the ear muffs cover the ears, which is more comfortable to wear. The earmuffs of ear wrapped headphones have sealing materials, so you need to wrap the whole ear when wearing it, and it may be stuffy to wear it for a long time.