How to choose headphones? Are they comfortable to wear?

Release time:2022-06-21 11:45:06  views:

Whether the earmuff core of headphones is soft or not, and the softness of the earmuff core of headphones also determines the comfort of users to wear for a long time. At present, some earmuff cores of headphones in the market are ordinary sponges, while some are slow rebound sponges.

Ordinary sponges are common in the market. We will feel very comfortable after wearing ordinary sponges, but it will pinch our ears after a long time, while slow rebound sponges are very soft after wearing, and they won't pinch our ears after wearing them for a long time.

Whether the headphones are breathable. If the headphones we buy are airtight, it is very uncomfortable to cover your ears after wearing them for a period of time. Therefore, whether the headphones are breathable also affects the comfort of users wearing them for a long time.

Compared with ordinary earphones and passive noise reduction earphones, active noise reduction earphones are more conducive for users to wear for a long time, because compared with the non noise elimination function of ordinary earphones and the function of passive noise reduction earphones to shield high-noise, active noise reduction earphones can eliminate the continuous low-frequency noise outside.