What is TWS headset?

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TWS is the abbreviation of true wireless stereo in English, which means true wireless stereo in Chinese. TWS Bluetooth headset, namely, true wireless stereo Bluetooth headset.

In 2017, iphone7 cancelled the headphone hole for the first time and chose to match it with wireless Bluetooth headphones. Since then, the headphone market has ushered in a big change. In this change, TWS headphones have officially entered the attention of consumers and quickly occupied a large share in the headphone market. However, most consumers do not know much about TWS headphones, but think that these headphones work well, so this period we will talk about TWS headphones, Let me introduce it in detail.

First of all, you need to know what TWS headphones are. TWS is the abbreviation of true wireless stereo in English, which means real wireless stereo. TWS technology is based on the development of Bluetooth chip technology. When TWS technology is applied to the field of Bluetooth headphones, our protagonist today - TWS headphones appear. Its working principle is that the mobile phone connects the main headphones, and then the main headphones quickly connect the secondary headphones through wireless, Realize the real Bluetooth wireless separation of left and right channels, and when the secondary headphones are not connected, the main headphones will return to mono sound quality.

After learning about TWS headset, let's introduce what features TWS Bluetooth headset has, so that you feel it works well.

1、 Truly wireless and can be worn in one or both ears

TWS Bluetooth headset does not need wired connection, and gets rid of the shackles of the headset cable, so that users can easily make voice calls, video calls and enjoy music when exercising, driving and working; In addition, the left and right headphones form a stereo system through Bluetooth, and the main headphones can be switched, which makes TWS headphones more optional in wearing one or both ears.

2、 Intelligent noise reduction function

From the perspective of products, noise reduction function is an essential technology for headphones. Audio and video experience is the focus of users' attention on TWS headphones. In addition to passive noise reduction, high-quality TWS headphones are equipped with active intelligent noise reduction functions, such as the well-known jinbird audio and video appliances. Their TWS headphones adopt ANC technology and dual mic noise reduction design, and can make noise-free or low-noise calls in most environments suitable for calls.

3、 Semi Intelligent & Intelligent

The development of TWS earphones has experienced a stage from semi intelligent to intelligent. The original TWS earphones can only be connected with some designated apps, and the operation of the earphones is also slightly complex. However, up to now, most TWS earphones have been able to complete intelligent interaction with mobile AI, and can also be connected with most apps in mobile phones.